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Writing & Work of Imam Ahmed Raza


Works of Imam Ahmed Raza; Organisations and Institutions Spiritually affiliated to Imam Ahmed Raza



Earlier in this book, we learnt that A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) gained proficiency in more that fifty branches of knowledge. With this, A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) wrote many books on various aspects of Islam. A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) was a genius writer. He wrote numerous books and treatises in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu on diversified topics.

To date, it has not been fully ascertained as to exactly how many books he wrote, for in doing so, requires research and many personnel. There has risen, over the past years, many Islamic Scholars in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent and in other parts of the world, who are ma

king serious attempts in studying or translating the works of this great Mujaddid of Islam.

In 1887, at the age of 30 years, he had completed 75 books and treatises. In 1909, at the age of 43 years, this number increased up to 500. HOWEVER, IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED THAT THE NUMBER OF BOOKS WRITTEN BY SAYYIDUNA A'LA HADRAT (RADI ALLAHU ANHU) EXCEED 1 000 ON MORE THAN 50 BRANCHES OF KNOWLEDGE. Apart from these contributions, he had written annotations and commentaries on more than 150 books pertaining to various branches of learning.

Professor Dr Muhammad Hassan, Shaikh-ul-Adab, Islamia University, Bhawalpur, said: "Mawlana was a prolific writer. He wrote a large number of treatises. It is due to the fact that his head and heart had surging waves of knowledge which were hard to restrain."

From the many books that were written by him, a table of 549 have been classified. The table is as follows:

Topic on which books was written Amount of books

  1. Tafseer of the Quran 11

  2. Aqaa'id (Belief) 54

  3. Hadith and Principles of Ahadith 53

  4. Fiqh, Principles of Fiqh, Dictionary of Fiqh

  5. Faraa'idh and Tajweed 214

  6. Tassawwuf, Wazifas, Morals 19

  7. Reviews of Books 40

  8. Language, Arabic Grammar, Dictionaries, History

  9. Poetry and Special Benefits, Travelling 55

  10. Inspired Knowledge (Jafar) 11

  11. Logarithms 8

  12. Astronomy, Astrology 22

  13. Mathematics, Geometry 31

  14. Philosophy, Sciences, Logistics 7

  15. Algebra 4


The names of a few books written by A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) have been listed below:

  • 1. Fatawa Radawiyyah (12 volumes approx. 12 000 pages)

  • 2. Husaamul Haramain

  • 3. Ad Daulatul Makkiya Bil Madatul Ghaibiya

  • 4. Al Mu'tamadul Mustanad

  • 5. Al Amn o wa Ula

  • 6. Alkaukabatush Shahabiya

  • 7. Al Istimdaad

  • 8. Al Fuyoozul Makkiyah

  • 9. Al Meeladun Nabawiyyah

  • 10. Kanzul Imaan (translation of Holy Quran)

  • 11. Fauze Mubeen Dar Harkate Zameen

  • 12. Hidayake Bakhshish

  • 13. Subhaanus Subooh

  • 14. Sallus Say yaaful Hindiya

  • 15. Ahkaame Shariat

  • 16. Az Zubdatuz Zakkiya

  • 17. Abna ul Mustapha

  • 18. Tamheede Imaan

  • 19. Angote Choomne ka Mas'ala

Professor Abdul Shakoor Shad, Kabul University, Afghanistan, said: "The research works of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan are worth presenting. There is due need that Historical and Cultural Societies of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran together with other such institutions keep all his writings duly catalogued in their libraries."

His Divinely bestowed intelligence was such, that when A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) completed a quarter of any given book at the feet of a teacher, he used to study and memorize the remainder of the book by himself. It is recorded that he completed an Arabic commentary on the book, "Hidaayatun Nahw", on Arabic Syntax, when he was only 8 years old!




In the year 1904, A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu) founded "Darul Uloom Manzare Islam" in Bareilly Shareef. This great religious institution has thus far served the Muslim world superbly. Each year, a large number of students graduate from this institution as Fadhils, Aalims, Hufaaz and Qur'ra.

Many of Ulema of South Africa are also students of Madressa Manzare Islam. To name a few:- Mawlana Abdul Hadi Al Qaderi; Mawlana Abdul Hamid Palmer Al Qaderi; Mawlana Ahmad Muqaddam Al Qaderi; Qaari Ahmad Khalil Razvi; Mawlana Sayed Muhammad Husain Al Qaderi; Mawlana Muhammad Khan Al Qaderi Barkaati; Mawlana Ghulam Mu'hiyyuddeen Jaafar; Mawlana Zainul Abedeen Al Qaderi Razvi; Mawlana Muhammad Mustaqeem Al Qadri; Mawlana Muhammad Afthab Razvi; Mawlana Nazir Farouk Razvi.

With the exception of Madressa Manzare Islam, there are also scores of institutes and organisations world-wide that are spiritually affiliated to Sayyiduna A'la Hadrat (radi Allahu anhu). A few of them are: